This glowing orb will help you sleep


There’s a proud tradition of “bedroom technology” that’s meant to keep you up all night, but a new device from Hello has something else in mind. It’s a smart sleep aid that you can control with your voice, like an Amazon Echo or Google Home. And it contains a surprising number of bells and whistles geared toward improving your shuteye.

Sense with Voice, as the device is called, is a new version of Hello’s existing sleep gadget. It launched Tuesday, priced at $149. Like the original Sense, it promises to provide actionable insights into your slumber every night. The device is a glowing orb that rests on a bedside table. And it collects a dizzying amount of data about what’s going on in your room.

Every morning, Sense tells you how things went the previous night via a connected app. Maybe your room was too noisy or hot, diminishing your overall sleep quality. Maybe it was a wee bit too bright or humid. Maybe the air was saturated with “volatile organic compounds” or carbon dioxide, which Sense can detect.