If we are to look at history chokers were associated with wealth


Did you know that chokers were also a sign of lesbianism in the Depression Era?

A past that reads ” chokers were worn by prostitutes ” has been circling around the internet lately but that is history now.

It was back in the 1800’s that if a woman tied a ribbon around their neck it could mean that she was the lady of pleasure. With the comeback of the chokers into fashion came criticism and girls adore their chokers but some people’s posts remind them of the history of chokers worn by female escorts.

Is it all that you have educated yourself about the neck piece?

Is it your intention to degrade the morals of females wearing them?

Do you think that prostitutes were the only people wearing them?

If we are to look at history, chokers were associated with wealth. They were custom made for the elites to fit one’s neck ideally. They were made of golds, gemstones and pearls.

When chokers were reintroduced in the 1900’s in America, Life Magazine nicknamed the ” Collier de Chien ” or dog collars. Now this may seen offensive or hilarious to some but men in the past have worn chokers too.

Some distinguished male artists like :

and Prince wore chokers. So it was not only women flaunting them.

The History of chokers dates back to thousands of years. They were originally worn by Indians, Egyptians, Chinese and the Native Americans.
During the 1700’s they signified royalty among the Spanish and the English. When the French Revolution began red ribbons were worn around the neck to grieve the death of those who lost their lives at Guillotine.

Chokers came into limelight during this time where ribbons were tied around the neck that looked like the alphabet ‘ X ‘ from behind. They were worn with dresses that had lower backs. In the 1800’s it was the Princess of the Wales, Alexandra who wore chokers made of velvet’s and pearls . She made an impressive impact in setting the trend but it is said that she was enticed by the Indians wearing the neck pieces.

Edgar Degas who was a famous artist ( specially recognized for this work for depicting the subject of dance ) also in many of his fine works has shown his ballerina subjects wearing ribbons around their neck ( to elongate the neck of his models ) .

Here is the history of chokers worn by people from different walks of life but the only point emphasized was donning them around the neck was a hint of an escort. So keeping the morally degrading posts aside show off your neck pieces and if anybody makes a monkey of you for wearing them remind them of history.