Power of money and chair OR the Dis-Satisfaction of the common people


Yesterday’s incident at Darjeeling was a lesson to the leaders of West Bengal and Union Government that public is unhappy with their stand towards the Gorkhaland Movement. Though the High level BJP leader was already warned by the rebel Leader Binay Tamang, that he might have to face an unstirred situation at the Hills.

Union Government is equally responsible for creating such situation in Hills, 11 people murdered, many are behind the bars and still the CRPF and West Bengal police is acting as a TMC carder by vandalizing the houses of common people, still the Union Government did not put an ear to it. They are in the sole power they might have done anything but they did not utter a single word. Indeed this was a good lesson to the Bengali communal group who stand deliberately united on against of Gorkhaland and thinks we are a foreigners where their own house is covered by Bangladeshi immigrants. Those who are involved in today’s incident somehow have gave a message to the Union Government about the dissatisfaction with the BJP.

Now, on the other side we see something conspiring, the people who raised the slogans and manhandled the BJP leaders were not the common public they were the some goons kept by the Binay Tamang and group, one can easily notice that people who forcefully tried to open the shops during the strike they were the same person today. As, it is loud and clear that somehow this incident is clearly and openly connected with the State Government, we all know state can go the worst level to supress anything which is against them.

How can we easily forget the suppression, the hooliganism, and the atrocities of State Administration? How can we easily forget the lost lives of 11 brave heart? How can we easily forget that we were levelled as a foreigners and terrorist simultaneously?

At last the most important thing is that “will the Binay Tamang and group be able to perform like today when the TMC leaders Partha Chaterjee, Gautam Dev and all will enter to Hills? This is still to wait and watch. If they will welcome the TMC leaders who are against our hopes and inspirations the people of Darjeeling must understand that they are totally sold. It’s only a matter of time everything will be open and clear. Swatcha Gorkhaland avihan must start from the NETAS who will go against an inspiration of the people.