We must be deserving before we get what we want – Rubendra Bagdash

Before you call yourself as a Gorkha make sure you are human, and not an animal.

We must be deserving before we get what we want
We must be deserving before we get what we want

Those words that penetrate through my ears still echoes in my head, Heart that was held high got spit disastrously, together we were strong, Those waves of people which were vibrant and strong were about to break those rocks.

The fire that proliferates like a wildfire turned everything that was obscure into ashes, those spark of fire that was in our heart got lighten up, Not by our own consent but because of other. Every eye was on the issue, Our blood boiled so vibrantly, that in WhatsApp groups chats even Union Territory seemed little. Some lost son, some husband, some father and many suffered severely for the cause, As we were emotionally involved, but we never tried to ponder who is actually driving and where he is driving us.

Here Question arises why? Here Question strikes like thunderstorms to shake each and every youth and those respected elders in societies who proclaim themselves as domestic and seek for Namaste. Our destiny is One, our goal is one it’s been 110 years, We are living in the 21st century in a post modern period but still, we believe that driver who tries to drive sitting outside the car, What is happening to us? We felt proud to share stories of our brave hearts who earned names and pride fighting in borders and felt pride reminding our contribution to this country, but now everything is just the opposite.

Watching all those leaders who often showed the spirit of Gorkha and love for the soil begging and leaking legs of the same person who were told as an evil, it seems illusion but it is real, Those blood of innocents and tears of widow got sold. All those sacrifices have gone in vain,  We feel like we got nothing but it’s not true.

We come to know our level, We come to see true picture of our own leaders in our society, the environment where we belong shape our thoughts and our thoughts shape our actions, but beneath it we are spirit & we are human and we are conscious but in wretched and hardship of our life, we are getting blind; Some are forced to support who raped our own soil which is lables as a mother, some are bound to the system, and their circumstances, but some are really forgetting their spirit and true sense, losing self in the race of life. Life is an experience, and with every experience, we grow but we grow only if we accept our faults and weakness.

Everyone was busy to fill the balloon with an air but no one was concerned to fill holes that were in the ballon. We must stay awake or fervent and we must not run after crow, If someone tells our ears is taken by crows. Don’t lose hope, that fire which erupts like a lava is still there, it can’t be destroyed nor can it be washed by the sea.

Right now everyone seems like they are asleep but I’m sure in many corners of this world some are working silently or devising in their own way for the right time that will surely arrive as the time flies, till then we must make ourselves ready and deserving for what we are craving, since 110 years.

At present we are watching much madness that is going on, People opinion over other and those group that was formed in WhatsApp groups are splitting, Many people are visiting those greedy evils for money that is temporary and youths are back to their old own life,
With same old Orthodox mindset  “All leaders are same” they change clothes and trends but not their mindset, watching all this it feels like we don’t actually deserve it and these are the holes which we must fix.

So don’t expect, don’t wait for WhatsApp voice notes, because the ones whom we believed was our biggest blunder so we must see the unseen, because I believe among 1.50 crore Gorkhas there is One may be many more than one who can take us where we are supposed to be. But We must not delusion our eyes, We must not deafen our ears and kill our own spirits for temporary comfort. So before you call yourself as a true Gorkha, make sure you be true Human, and before you call yourself as a human make sure you haven’t sold yourselves for the money.

“In the process, learn and grow, but don’t lose hope, don’t quit”
Jai Gorkha Jai Hind.!!