You may say we are dreamers, But we are not the only one


Few days back , it’s a matter of couple hundred hours that we were amidst the movement of gorkhaland, we still are . We can’t forget that . We as students , we need to dwelve into the politics of radical change and for a change to be socially visible , we need to get organised . Students along with tea garden workers have always been unheard by the Political stakeholders of gorkhaland. Infact , we have always been used as mere crowd in rallies ,but our ideas and political inclinations and differences have never been heard . We equally want a seperate state of Gorkhaland , but our narratives may be different and that’s allowed in a democratic movement , isn’t it ?

Some students from Darjeeling and it’s sorrounding areas have decided to come together and voice our political dissent using cultural dimensions such as songs , poetry , poster presentations and other forms , against the post GTA 2.0 set up. Any form of intermediate negotiations ,whether it be DGHC, GTA or GTA 2.0 has been proved to be unsatisfactory and unwanted to the aspirations of the people . We are somehow a part and also a reflection of that political antagonism prevalent in hills , Terai and doars . Also , when Gorkha friends from other religious background can give up their religious occasions for the sake of gorkhaland then why can’t we give up dasain this year.? After all , we have lost many friends and families for the movement . The Political stakeholders may not be talking about our martyrs but it becomes our moral responsibility to negate this opportunistic narrative and pay our revolutionary greetings to them , all of them who have laid down their lives for the demand of gorkhaland.

We, the students , dont want to celebrate dasain this year , and we know there are many others who feel the same . Please join us in the struggle of gorkhaland . We must not give up hope. We must get more organised and learn from history and it’s political transgressions .

Today, 30th September, 2017.
12 noon .
Chowrasta , Darjeeling.

“In dark times like these ,
Will there be singing.
Yes , there will be singing about the dark times .”

Remembering the martyrs .

Jai Gorkha Jai gorkhaland.