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Darjeeling view from Chowrasta
Darjeeling view from Chowrasta

When I was at my childhood, I used hear about the Gorkhaland movement from my Grandfather. He used to tell the stories how the movement was fought by the Gorkhas. I grew up listing many mysteries, controversies, conspiracy, suppression, atrocities of the Gorkhaland agitation.

My father was an active Gorkhaland activists then, being from the political background I used to hear many things about the Gorkhaland movement. My grandfather used to say “we fought with our self” not with the Govt. so the result was DGHC. I am the third generation witnessing and still fighting for my identity.

My two generation already fought the battle of identity crisis, now it’s my turn and still I am struggling. They used to say “we fought because not for us for the coming generation, for you and upcoming generation”.

They have a hope that they might achieve something for the coming generation, they ran their race but they didn’t complete it.
The present scenario of hills politics is also drawing us to the same as it was on 1986, division among us, which is giving the space for the State autocrats to supress us inside our home. Before pointing out the state Administration we should evaluate ourselves where we are? Whom we are supporting? And towards where are we heading? We are the same people who resisted Subash Ghising and made him vanish from the Hills.

We are the same person who danced in the formation of GTA, who mourned in the death of Madan Tamang, who were the die-hard fan of Bimal Gurung, who shouted the slogans without the fear of Police administration, who wanted Gorkhaland and nothing else, but every dreams and hopes came to an end when the common people didn’t responded the betrayal. If the GTA has had the provisions of the formation of Board of Administration then there was no point of doing 105 days long strike, resulting nothing. Somebody lost their father, somebody lost their Husband, brother sons and daughter.

The same people shouting in favour of Gorkhaland are justifying about the GTA II. In wholesome we might say that “we don’t have left any integrity inside us, we are totally crazy and lover of money”. The blind eyes should be opened before it’s too late. The leaders are there because of us, the power of common public should be demonstrated to resist the traitors. I am afraid that this politics may not turn Gorkhas of Hills to another Rongiyas. We are giving the space to the outsiders to enter inside our home, this could be dangerous for us in further.

If this space would not be filled as soon as possible they after 10years we will be facing the same circumstances as the Gorkhas of Bhutan, Assam have faced. The shelter needed to be constructed, otherwise we would have nowhere to hide. We are fighting a battle of identity, lets fight unitedly resisting the opposition not only with power but with knowledge and wisdom. Our forefather fought the same struggle, our fathers fought it and now we are struggling. This time let’s complete the race with knowledge wisdom energy power and stamina. How wonderful it could be to breathe an air of freedom at our home.