It’s been three months people have been on the roads without caring of thirst hunger and life for Gorkhaland. Many dramatic changes have been seen so far in the politics of Hills. Some paved the way to the Jungle some turned as opportunist and some just statement makers. The agitation is slowly turning, educational institute are closed, and Tea Garden Hampered tourism shattered and above that people lost their lives. Such agitation has not been seen so far says the political experts.

The following agitation would be reached to the heights and would be solved permanently but the Gorkha Stakeholders are more concern about their party rather than an issue. The role of major political parties are really shameful and this is defaming an agitation.


  1. GJMM – The main and largest party in the Hills which is GJMM no doubt so far has some responsibilities and should be sensible for an issue. It was started well but they lost the rhythm in the middle because of not proper plan and strategy. The growing popularity of TMC was the main cause behind the decline of GJMM before an agitation. In the midst GJMM got more concerned to save their political existence rather than to be focussed on a concrete plan and strategies for Gorkhaland.
  2. The dominance of GJMM at GMCC is a major cause for the movement that has been reached nowhere till now. An internal conflicts and conspiracy within GJM has created nothing but divisions and confusion among the common people. So, the movement is stagnant now, it can’t go to the other side neither come to the first side as we have already seen the blame game has already been started.
  3. GNLF- An opportunist party so far, did nothing but stayed away from the people to gain their lost political base.
  4. ABGL – Madan tamang murder case was the priority rather than an issue,
  5. Hill TMC – There is one saying “even dogs are loyal to the house owner” but they were worse than dogs.
  6. CPRM – CPRM seen some short of loyal to the agitation it stood by the side of Mocha and still they are united for the cause without playing a blaming game but not seen effective plans and strategies till this date.
  7. JAP – JAP is always a spectator nothing more than that.
    It may be concluded at the end the Political Parties of Hills are only concerned about their existence and save the party. None of the political party have such strategies and plans for the Gorkhaland. No one have taken such steps which will help to promote the current agitation. The agitation now has been divided into two halves, trusting now to the leaders like a suicide we can surely say that we “GORKHAS” are on an auction again sooner or later we will be sold again. The role of political parties must be appreciable but they have done nothing so far that would be appreciated.

The stakeholders are acting a perfect party carders rather than a true Gorkha. Like this momentum Gorkhaland is like a nightmare for all. The need of an hour is to rise above party ideology, conflicts and consparicy and stand firm unitedly in one point agenda of Gorkhaland against the State. Unless and until people don’t rise above the party Gorkhaland could not be achieved.

The last one “the people were martyred for Gorkhaland not for the compensation” if they can exchange the sacrifice of Martyrs than there is no doubt they can sell us too. The movement is not for the development and other irrelevant issues that have been submitted by Binay Tamang but it’s a complete identity issue. The common people should understand that our dreams and aspirations will be exchanged soon with the compensation and other issues. The internal conspiracy and rift between the Bimal Gurung and Binay Tamang is just an eye wash to overshadow the movement and divert the public into the political conflict.